Beneath Anarchist Mountain exists a groundwater resource of remarkable proportions, making its way through cracks and crevices, gravel and granite, south into the United States.

This unusual hydrogeological phenomenon is what gives Anarchist Mountain its abundant groundwater resources, and was the subject of the unprecedented EBA Engineering Consultants study ” Hydrogeological Assessment and Water Supply Analysis Report“, authored by Dan Waterson, P.GEO in April 2007.

“The 2007 (and subsequent 2011) study showed that groundwater beneath Regal Ridge is contained and flows within Glacially-derived sediments and an extensive bedrock fracture network. The study clearly demonstrated that projected development use will have little to no effect on the available groundwater supply, especially in surrounding properties.
The abundant groundwater resource appears to originate from elevated topography located north and east of Regal Ridge, where winter precipitation from a continuing source of groundwater recharge. The extend and productivity of this resource is truly impressive and to my knowledge unique in the Okanagan”
– Dan Waterson

In addition Regal Ridge dedicated two wells for long-term groundwater elevation monitoring by the BC Ministry of Environment. Ever since the water keeps on flowing for all residents of Anarchist Mountain, providing a good well is drilled.

At the time a 300 lot subdivision called Regal Ridge was constructed, and the 2007 and 2011 water reports were commissioned by Adrian Erickson.” I knew from even before our original $650,000 one-year study had completed, that the groundwater resources in on Anarchist Mountain are constantly being renewed. The water flowing under Anarchist Mountain has been flowing for thousands of years and my. guess is it will be flowing for many more thousands to come.” – Adrian Erickson